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Cyndee Paulson-Heer

"Live like You Are Legend."

I was sitting at my desk writing a paper on parenting. My 2 year old interrupted and asked me a question. Something inside me caught as I tuned into his question, reflected on the content of the paper I was writing and heard my two older children bickering in the background. I do not remember his question, but I remember the profound truth that stirred inside me: If I don’t crack the parenting code, my past (suboptimal) will become my future and my children will bear the burden of my failures.

With that, I closed the book on that chapter, and tapped my white cane into the unknown, searching for answers. Fast forward several years, I learned that I needed a vision, a foundation and a willingness / desire to grow into the person I most want my children to become. That defining moment has lead my journey for 26 years, and will continue to until . . . I can barely begin to acknowledge that and those who have contributed to my character and journey. That said, my quiet time and journaling have played a monumental role in both. It is the Magic of living a life On Purpose.

Danielle Foster

since 1990